Only remind: Events are run on the shard for players to participate in. Champion spawns, Harrowers, Scavenger hunts, monster bashes, and many more ideas being worked on. Events are held at different times and days throughout the week so that all players may participate in them.

Don't ask for events, they will be run when the staff has time to be there for them when other shard issues won't interrupt them. (Rule #12).
Note: A lot of players ask about event. But some event cannot be run, if there are only a few players. It happen often there are 15 or more players online and when event is started, only 4 or 5 of them take part in it. It is staff decision, if event will start or not.


Long-term events:


Sunday archery contest - running


Finished Contests:


November fishing contest - info, rules, results
Pest control event - info, rules, results
Return of the Brownies - info, rules, results
Great race - details, rules, results
Guild Competition: Obstacle Race - details, results
Guild Tournament - details, rules, results
Rat Race - details, rules of event, results
Catch the 'Moby Dick' - details, rules, results
The cure for Bird Flu - details of event, table of results
Bone harvesting - details, rules, table of results
The great gazer hunt - details, rules, table of results
Cowpuncher - details of contest
Foxes in the Hen House - details
Craft Contest - details and rules
Run For Freedom - table of results
Archery Tournament - details, rules & table of results
Boxing tournament - details, rules & table of results