Paradise Found has recently upgraded to SVN 605 Stygian Abyss and High Seas foundation.

Paradise Found was created for the Hunter, Crafter and Home Builder.  We have many new creatures for the Hunters, new ores, woods and leathers for the craftsman and many addons and rare items for the Home Builder. New items are being added regularly.

Paradise Found has been running since May 2004.  We have the most helpful and friendliest players in all of UO.

Samurai Edition and Mondain's Legacy features are extensively used. To enjoy Paradise Found to the fullest, it is recommended that your client be patched to or later version.

All facets are fully spawned. Most life in Paradise is centered in Felucca. Trammel is not a very nice place to be. Many creatures in Trammel are much stronger than their cousins living in Felucca. Beware!


There is no Skill Cap. Stats Cap is 300, 325 with a Stat Scroll.


PvP on Paradise Found is consensual only.


There are no Skill Gates nor Free Arties.  Please come if you like building your character.  Please come if you enjoy working for what you have.

Paradise Found is running RunUO 2.1.0 Client Version or higher

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If you have Client 6, visit our new and growing sister shard Mystic Mayhem