May 19, 2008

Note from MOTD: Please DO NOT train camping with campfires within 10 minutes of the daily boot. The server does not reload campfires and the server does not restart.


May 18, 2008

There is a new link in Compendium -> Players section. There are Razor macros for training your various skills.


Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Daeir - 230 points
  2. Moloch - 138 points
  3. Haydi - 100 points
April 09, 2008

The latest version of Razor has an issue that effects our shard. On options Tab at bottom right side, un-check the box for "Negotiate features with server". This option causes more lags and disconnects.


April 06, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Highlander - 335 points
  2. Gerret - 315 points
  3. Nightcrawler - 275 points
March 30, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Crannog - 195 points
  2. Aleandra - 166 points
  3. Ffidrac - 126 points
March 23, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Tristen - 262 points
  2. Darien Fox - 254 points
  3. Haydi - 219 points
March 22, 2008

We recently adjusted the prices of Champion Skulls at Paradise Mall so the cost of this event is more in line with the cost of private Dark Father Events.

We also added a new vendor stone in the platinum reward room where skulls can be purchased with Platinum Coins.

We hope that by making these skulls more easyly available you will be able to enjoy doing Harrowers with your friends.



March 16, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Darien Fox - 195 points
  2. Turlow - 158 points
  3. Crannog - 136 points
March 02, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Alanor - 136 points
  2. Ivor - 103 points
  3. Damara - 101 points
March 04, 2008

Dropping Marked Runes on the ground to your house wit vendors will not be seen as littering. Make sure to put your Character Name on the rune like "Haazen Deco". This can be a good way to increase traffic to your house vendors.

March 02, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Alanor - 153 points
  2. Catman - 138 points
  3. Haydi - 135 points
February 27, 2008

If you are one of the players that have GMd all skills and received a second account, make sure you log in on that second account now and then to refresh it. I have no way to keep track of your accounts and if not used, it could be deleted.

February 26, 2008

You are now able to use the Interior decorator tool to move MailBox out into the yeard. Also the hanging Fishing nets and Oars.

February 24, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Ffidrac - 220 points
  2. Haydi - 186 points
  3. Alanor - 180 points
February 13, 2008

The new items are available in Purgatory - Talismans. You can find 8 types of them in loot. All of them will be used in new quests. More info will be available soon.

February 17, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Crannog - 191 points
  2. Stromile - 146 points
  3. Alanor - 99 points
February 13, 2008

A new item has been added to our world. A book to hold Power Scrolls.

These books are rare drop only in Purgatory. They are a rare drop based on the critters fame. Did I say Rare? I meant to say very rare. Maybe even Very very rare.
When a book is found, you must double click or drop a power scroll on it to make you the owner of the book. Ownership can not be transfered. So if you are wanting to give it to another player, DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK IT!
Only the book owner can remove the Power Scrolls from the book. Even staff can not remove the scrolls. Anyone can drop a scroll into it but only the owner can remove the scrolls. This book can be secured in your house. Others can look in it to see what scrolls you have but can not remove them.
I hope you enjoy this addition. Happy hunting.

February 10, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. WinterBlues - 183 points
  2. Frost - 100 points
  3. Whitedove - 98 points
February 08, 2008

The tool box now holds the Powder of Temperament. The double click method of combining uses did not always work.


February 07, 2008

Are you tired of all those pesty Artie Drops from Paragons and Terragons cluttering up your house? Well, good news. The Artifact dealer now buys many of the Para/Terra arties.


February 03, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Frost - 183 points
  2. Catman - 110 points
  3. Sephira - 107 points
January 20, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Mist Angel - 138 points
  2. Llaiir - 133 points
  3. Frost - 130 points
January 21, 2008

Today I added a new command [SV <search string>

This searches all Player Vendors for items that contain your search string. Example: [SV pot finds all potions on Player Vendors. [SV bot finds all items Botnick vendor has.

The display shows Vendor Name, Item Type, Price and Description entered by seller. Enter a description of your items that are not obvious as to what they are but keep your descriptions to about 40 characters or less. The search cuts off after about 40 characters.

Vendors that are at the Player Vendor Mall are named the same as the owner. Vendors that are in houses have random name. There is no way for me to display where the vendor is when in a house. So you will have to talk to each other about that.

The items in the resulting search list are not sorted in any particular order. Items are in the order they were placed on vendors. But this should not be an issue because you are doing a search for all items of a certain kind or type.

The Vendor Inventory will be updated once per day. So if you put something on your vendor and don't see it on the list right away, that is why. The list creation takes a lot of server resources so updating continuously would be too much of a tax on the server.

I do hope this is a good addition. Enjoy.



January 20, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Sweede - 188 points
  2. Llaiir - 154 points
  3. Damara - 146 points
January 13, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Mist Angel - 226 points
  2. Ida Foxglove - 143 points
  3. Sephira - 96 points
January 11, 2008

Stepping Stone Paver Stepping stone

  • This item can be purchased in the Platinum Rewards Center.
  • This is a stone that when in your pack allows you to place a temporary stone in water that you can teleport to. This can be very handy to get close enough to those pesky water critters that decide to die too far from shore or your boat to be looted.
  • The Paver comes with 100 Steps on it. After you use up all the Steps, the stone goes 'POOF".
  • To use it, just place in your backpack and double click it, target water within 6 tiles of your position. You can then teleport to the Step. The Step decays after 1 minute.
  • It is important that you remember this when using on a boat. You can not teleport to a boat. So you must have the key to your boat so you can unlock the Plank. Then to get back on the boat from your Step, you just double click the Plank.
  • As much work as went into this, I truly hope it is a good addition to our world, makes life easier and is enjoyed.


January 06, 2008

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Alma - 124 points
  2. Sweede & Crannog - 90 points
  3. Tristen - 85 points
January 05, 2008

There is one new addition from today. Dye bucket can be used not only on carpets but also on goza, loom and spinning wheel.

I hope you like this addition.

January 02, 2008

Page with Custom quests has been upgraded. Now when you click on reward (part of an armor or a weapon), you will see its properties in new window.

December 30, 2007

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Mint Blackmanche - 217 points
  2. Rabbit & Mentfield - 138 points
  3. Graeak Urthadar - 92 points
December 29, 2007

Today I made a small change to the pack animals. Pack Horse, Pack Mule and Pack Llama. These critters will now pick up logs and ore off the ground. They will not pick up other stackable items like a Horde Minion does. Only logs and ore. I see no other critters added to this list and no other items to pick up.
I hope you like this small change.



December 23, 2007

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Mist Angel - 122 points
  2. Bobasek - 95 points
  3. Mentfield - 61 points
December 17, 2007

As you can see, there is a button Search above the buttons for voting. Searching info on the website was never so easy like it is now. I hope you will like this new addition.


December 16, 2007

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Jenny - 133 points
  2. Sephira - 103 points
  3. Sam - 96 points
December 14, 2007

New addition to our world has been added: skill Forensic Evaluation is more valuable. A successful use of this skill on a corpse will yield more hides when the corpse is carved.


December 09, 2007

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Oriabel - 233 points
  2. Sephira - 225 points
  3. Mist Angel - 191 points
December 06, 2007

Some new things to our world were added recently:

  • you can see Outdoor forge (south or east) at new addon showcase. They are fully workable, so you can smelt and smith at them.
  • there are 8 types of decorative small boats at the same place. They will not disappear in time, so you can use them to decorate your dock at yard.
  • MiB chest has been upgraded and now it is MiB and Net chest. Now you can store not only MiBs into it, but also all types of nets. Please use it to store your nets - this can greatly lower amount of items in the world.
  • quest Hobblin' Javier Bones treasure has been moved from Cove to Big Pirate boat at Fishing platform.
December 03, 2007

Server IP has been changed. Please correct IP in Razor to: port 2593.


December 02, 2007

Results from Sunday Archery contest:

  1. Rabbit - 185 points
  2. Kariahnna - 151 points
  3. Anyana Minor - 148 points

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